Friday, August 2, 2013

Collections of the Week

Happy Friday!

Here are some collections I am honored to be included for this week.

Sing A Little Song

Curated by PolkadotOrchid

Don't you just love the title of these birds collection? So many different kinds of birds and they are simply beautiful. Amazing artists has found their way to use the bird design into their piece of arts.

The High Seas

Curated by PolkadotOrchid

Nautical theme is a very popular theme for any ages. There is something about it that makes it ageless. Maybe the ships? Or the Achor? In the business I run, that means a lot of people requesting Nautical Favor Tags for Weddings and Baby Showers.

I can't help to admit that this Pirate set is SO stinkin' cute! Really really love it!

Thank you, Michelle, for including me not only once but TWICE on your beautiful collections.

We Are Making It!

Curated by craftsofthepast

"Samples from the artisans of Artfire who make beauty from strings, paper, rocks, clay and metal." Truly, Wanelo Saver Team is a wonderful team to be a part of. Thank you, Anna, who does this volunteer on a weekly basis.

Sand and Surf...Handmade Cards in Shades of Blue and Brown

Curated by luvncrafts

Do you know that you can find beautiful handmade cards at Artfire? There are many talented cardmakers, each with their own style. Take a look at this collection for example, with brown and blue being the main colors, you see how each is one of a kind.

Paintbox Perfect!

Curated by Umeboshi

She did it again!:-) I love Umeboshi collections. Vibrant, colorful and cheerful colors are popping out! Seeing all these colors I can't help but have a smile on and be happy.


Curated by AndreaDesigns

AndreaDesignsis one terrific Artfire Crazy Train Guild Master. She is tirelessly promoting her members, day after day. This sweet collection is just one of her many ways in promoting Crazy Train Guild.


  1. Such wonderful collections to be included in. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Cute and wonderful collections!

  3. Beautiful collections. There are so many talented people here!!


  4. Congrats on all the inclusions in these great collections. Such a variety!

  5. Beautiful collections even if I did make one of them myself ;)

  6. I tried to post earlier, but I guess it didn't take. I love all of those collections, and I have to agree - that little pirate set is really cute.

  7. Beautiful collections! Thank you for including my surf and sun card collection!

  8. Beautiful collections! There are so many talented people here on Artfire.

  9. Those are fantastic collections! So much variety and so much talent!

  10. So many great collections!!
    Its wonderful to see so many handmade goods!

  11. These collections just go to show how much talent there is on ArtFire! Thank you for sharing htem, Nat.

  12. Those are some great looking collections!

  13. love the collections that you selected - they are all colorful, just like all your whimsical creations. Shared them all, Nat.

  14. WOW Nat - what a great post with all those beautiful collections.