Saturday Artisan - HOW TO APPLY

Saturday Artisan post features handmade artists, one Saturday at a time. It's about getting to know the person who makes and run the shop and what products she offers. It's about supporting small businesses.

Would you like to be featured? Or do you know an awesome artist that worth mentioning?
I welcome handmade artisans to nominate yourself and others, whether you have shop at Artfire, Storenvy, Zibbet, or your own website. At the moment, I don't feature Etsy shops, but I will be more than happy to feature your Facebook page, bringing the traffic there instead of your E shop.

Here are some important criteria to be featured in my blog:

  • Must have great customer service, first and foremost. Friendliness and going above and beyond are keys to successful business. If I don't see that in you then I don't think I can refer my readers to your shop. I want my friends to really enjoy their buying experience and I need to have the confidence that they will get that from your shop.
  • Have about 30 listed items in your shop in order to provide a good variety of products to choose from. Less is fine, just let me know.
  • Have great pictures: clear and crisp.
  • Preference is given to those who sponsoring a giveaway. 
Giveaway is held on a following day, Sunday, for a 2-weeks duration. Being featured on Saturday as well as on Sunday means double exposure to your shop and a great way to market your products. I will use my social media to spread the words and will require your active participation to do the same as well. Giveaway items can be products or gift certificates, and it's yours to decide.  

I'm not asking for any compensation to do this. Should you decide to do a giveaway, you are responsible to mail the product to the winner directly.

How to apply:

Leave a comment here, message me on Facebook, or e-mail me at

Looking forward to featuring you!


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    1. Hi Mrellan, if you'd like to be featured, let me know please. :-) Send me an e-mail or personal message on FB.

  2. Just discovered this blog via a post on my Artfire guild page (Checked In Today Guild) Going to start following your blog via email and will visit your FB page right after this. I like to promote other folks and to support others who do the same.

  3. Hello, I seen your blog in my FB news feed. I'd love to be featured. I FB messaged you also. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Pamela. I have replied you via FB :-)

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