Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Artisan: Stitches by Ashley Nicole

Meet Ashley our Saturday Artisan!

If you are looking for great quality coasters along with great customer service, her shop, Stitches by Ashley Nicole, is one to visit for sure.

Without further a due, let's get to know her a little bit, shall we?

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?

Hi! I'm Ashley Nicole, the Work at Home Mom (WAHM) behind Stitches by Ashley Nicole. I am married to my best friend and have two boys - a 3 year old and a six month old.
I make handmade items for the home. My items serve both a functional and a d├ęcor need. My main items are coasters; placemats; and pot holders. All of my items are machine washable and handmade by me. However, my older son is a big fan of the fabric store and helping to pick out new prints to add to my shop.

How does your workspace look like? 

I'd say organized chaos. I know where almost everything is, but to someone else it probably looks like a huge mess because I have works in progress spread out all over.

Which part of creation process that you enjoy the most?

Choosing what to pair together. I love find complementary fabrics and prints to pair together.

For us who love to travel, could you share a bit about your beautiful town/ city? 

I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and honestly, there isn't much about the scenery that I find attractive. It's pretty flat and mostly farmland where there aren't shops and office buildings or hospitals. However, there is a lot to do here because it's both the state capital and the home of The Ohio State University.

What is your best seller?

My best seller is the coaster sets. They're sets of four square, machine washable, fabric coasters that are approximately 4" wide. Due to the nature of being handmade, there is some variation in size, but usually only millimeters in difference.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

DH and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. As far as I could recall, we probably celebrated Valentine's Day during first few years of dating, back when we were in a college. 18 years later, with a 7 years old son in our midst, our love is now solid as a rock. Sure, just like any real relationships, not everything is sweet. We went through bumps of life and that what makes it real. We were tested many times but we hold on to each other and surrender our relationship to God.

My little man was excited about Valentine's Day (and any other special days!). He made me this. Not just any card. It's a work of art. He says I could play like I am in the 100-acre wood.

He asked for a pink cardstock (since he knows my favorite color is pink), and if he could borrow my scissor and off he went creating this. Draw, write, cut, fold, and glue. Full of creativity! 

And the word "love you too" all over it.

And it's made with love! Who taught him that? He probably sees a lot of what I do in my crafty world :-)

Ethan didn't forget about his dad. He made one for DH with his childhood favorite character. Can you guess what it is?

And as I said, "I love you" to DH, he replied, "The feeling is mutual".  You gotta love that! Ha!