Monday, December 27, 2010

Children Storybook Tags

Hope you are enjoying this holiday seasons. I'm surely do, spending time with my family and do a little bit of crafting each day.

I recently made these adorable tags, vintage inspired Children Storybook tags. Beautiful vintage images reproduced, combining the old and the new. These are perfect for baby shower or birthday occassions. I personally will use these tags for my scrapbook album. Being a scrapbooker myself, I definitely do not want to miss out.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner of Puresin

Congratulations, Ivana! You won Puresin's giveaway.

Thank you Janelle for your generous sponsorship and thank you to everyone who entered.

New giveaway will start in the new year as we decided to take a little break and spend this time with our family.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Totally Nuts for You

I've been creating more masculine cards lately, including this cute Totally Nuts for You card. It's still adorable, yes, cause you can't really get rid of that from me, hehe....but a man can be adorable, can't he?

I love the color combination of blue and brown, simply lovely.

That's it for now. By the way, if you haven't entered Puresin's giveaway, you should! It ends tomorrow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Togetherness Card

I just love this sweet phrase: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; and working together is success.

So much that I love this, I have make cards with them. And the one I show you here are just one examples. I have a couple more cards using different papers but keeping the design the same. And I must say that I really like each one of them as they have their own flare and style.

Check them out when you have a chance, will ya? Shabby Chic and Not Too Mushy styles.

By the way, there won't be any Saturday Artisans and giveaways during the holiday season. We'll resume and have them back in the new year.

Also a quick note, I'll be away on vacation from Dec 13 - 18. Any orders made during this period will be mailed on Dec 19. Any orders made prior Dec 13 will be mailed on Dec 12. Haha, that's what I'm doing today, packing my orders and packing for our vacation.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Tis Christmas

This year somehow I feel that our Christmas is going to be special. At 3, Ethan seems to 'get' about Christmas.

He was so excited helping me putting up our little christmas tree. He loves listening to Christmas music. He knows about Santa and wants to sit on Santa's lap this weekend to take pic (we'll see about that!).

This year we got a sweet snowman ornament with his name. It's not the same snowman as we got for the three of us years ago before we had him (including Mocha, our furry son), but it is still special.

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giveaway Winner of the Pen Place

Hello everyone!

It's time to annouce the winner of The Pen Place's giveaway.

Congratulations, Tzel (#49)! I believe you've been contacted and you have 48 hours to get back to Crystal.

Thank you Crystal and Bill for your generosity, and thanks everyone who entered.

Win $25 Gift Certificate courtesy of Puresin. Come and enter!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giveaway $25 Gift Certificate from Puresin

Win $25 Gift Certificate to spend on Puresin generously sponsored by Janelle.

Get to know Janelle, the artist behind Puresin. You'll learn a few things from the interview on yesterday's post.

There are many ways to enter. Please make sure you leave a separate comment for every entry.

How to enter to win:

Mandatory entry:

Extra entries (only qualify once mandatory entry is fulfilled):
  • Earn 2 entries - Go to yesterday's post to know her more. Leave a comment there (yesterday's post) on at least one the following: what you learn from the interview, what you want to see more on her shop and why, or any constructive feedbacks are always appreciated.

    Come back here and leave 2 comments that you did, to ensure your entries are counted.
  • Heart Puresin (1 entry). Simply let us know your Etsy username.
  • Follow Puresin blog(1 entry).
  • Follow my adorebynat blog (1 entry). If you're already a follower, you still get an entry, just says you're following already.
  • Like Puresin FB page and tell Janelle that Adorebynat sent you there. (1 entry).
  • Like my Adorebynat Facebook Page. Say 'hi' to me there and come back here to leave comment (1 entry).
  • Follow adorebynat on twitter (1 entry).
  • Tweet about this giveaway, add "@adorebynat " in your tweet. (1 entry).
  • Blog about this giveaway to earn 2 entries. Leave two separate comments here please providing me with the link to your post.
  • Be creative and share the love! Refer your friends and family to enter this giveaway. Use your social media (other than twitter and blog) to shout out this giveaway. As long as you provide me a link or a way to confirm it, you'll earn 2 entries (two separate comments). Hint: there are share buttons in the bottom of this post, maybe you can use them?
  • Tell us how did you hear about this giveaway (1 entry).
  • Purchase an item from Puresin and earn 10 entries for each purchase. Don't forget letting us know by leaving comments :-)

Contest starts now and ends on December 18, 2010. Contest opens worldwide.

Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you. Entries without contact information will be disqualified. Entries that do not follow the rules will be disqualified. Contest winner will be drawn on Sunday, December 19 by a random number generator, by the artist herself. Winner must respond within 48 hours after being contacted otherwise another winner will be randomly selected.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Artisan: Puresin

A couple of months ago, Janelle stumbled upon my blog and facebook and contacted me if she could be featured. Well, why not? I'm all about promoting others who work hards in making their unique pieces.

So here you go, meet our Saturday Artisan: Janelle of Puresin.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?
First and foremost I am an artist of many mediums. I am a bold, energetic, nerdy, fun, intelligent single mother to a beautiful girl named Veona. I also am a Model which is an art in itself. It is hard to pinpoint things about me because I am very well-rounded/ diverse but I love coffee and Halloween/Fall. My collection/items are Hair Accessories- Bows, Mini Top Hats, Clips etc Jewelry- Necklaces mostly that are diverse-I create BOLD adornments, INSPIRED by *HALLOWEEN* =zombies *punk* *rockabilly* *Tattoos* *city* *current & vintage fashions* *girly* *glamour* *life experiences* *raw emotions* *hate, love & heartbreak* *chaos & disaster* *mystery* *beauty & ugly* *nature* *pixies* *burning man* *goth*
Pure Sin is about being Original and looking Rad!

Which part of creation process that you like to do the most?
The random ideas and inspirations that pop into my head whether I am Out somewhere, in my dreams, people watching and so much more.

Could you share on how your organize your products, we all can use a little tips here and there in this department?
Haha, unfortunately when it comes to organization that is my weakness for my craft area. I have a WHOLE dining room table full of things along with a huge cart of 4 drawers full of stuff. I have become a little horder. I just designate an area on the table that I have to work on my bows and necklace then another area for the painting and such.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
Sheesh it is hard to choose they are like my kids :) Id have to say the skull stuff or a couple of my Bows.

What is your best seller?
Skeleton hands and bows but bottlecap necklaces come close ;)

How do you balance your personal and work life?
Well it is not easy as I am a single mother in college/school who works part time and still cooks, cleans, and so on. But I love keeping busy.

Do you have a favorite Etsy seller?
I have so many I am Etsy obsessed.

What is your goal for 2010? And are you on the right track?
My goal is to get as known as possible "networking" Along with doing more craft/shows/markets/fairs I can along with selling my items at more then the 3 stores they are at now :) Which I have 2 lined up and some more shows to be in soon I hope (fingers crossed)So Yes I think I am on track.

What is your favorite tool that you cannot live without?
ex 3000 glue and hot glue gun

How do you promote your shop?

Oh my this is the most time consuming. Well I am a nerd kinda *hehe* and I do a lot of networking online. I have a fb fan page and am on a Philly art website as well as my etsy and getting fellow models to do photoshoots/promote my items. My business cards are always great and I am in the works of making flyers eventually and blanketing the Lehigh valley and around PA first. I find word of mouth is always best and is strong! I also give some items to friends/family all ages to wear and then promotion can go from there as well.

Any advice for others running their on-line shop?
Be patient, and love what you are doing!

I am in the works of doing videos/vlogs, and tutorials therefore I will be making my own you tube for Pure Sin so I will Keep you posted but it’s not complete so for now follow my blogs and websites:

Stay-tuned for tomorrow's giveaway. The Pen Place's giveaway is on now. Come and enter!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space

This is what I'll be working on today or tomorrow, teabag holders for this holiday season. A sweet lady bought all I have in stock plus more.

But really, who can resist the cuteness of nature critters?

On the side note, I need to make more of teabag holders, such a great gift for any occasion.

For more creative space, visit kootoyoo site.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turning 3

My sweet boy turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.

They are right. Time flies!! I was looking at the old posts and here I blogged about his 1st birthday. Such a lovely baby!

Though he refuses to be called a baby now, yeah, ...he is MY baby! I just cannot say it out loud in front of him. Tee Hee.

That reminds me that I need to catch up with the never-ending scrapbook pages to complete.

See you tomorrow for creative space!