Friday, August 15, 2008

It Just Hit Me

I knew that as part of giving birth consequences, my body shape will never go back to its original look prior pregnancy. I knew that somehow the expansion to many directions will remain present whether I like it or not.

I was glad that I lost weight in a couple of weeks (thanks to breastfeeding exclusively!). I didn't have to be on a special diet and I could go back wearing some of my regular jeans in no time.

Last night, I went for a dress shopping. My hubby's good friend is getting married next week and I don't have a dress to wear. Anyway, there I was trying a few dresses and my just hit me! I looked fatttt!!! I was surprised that some of them were too small for me. I used to be in size 0 or 2, so trying size 4 as if I was pregnant is not a pleasant surprise. Not only did I look fat, I really looked out of shape. But I guess, it should not be a surprise after all. Since I gave birth (9 months ago), I never hit the gym. I stay home most of the time and pajama is my uniform.

Therefore, let me have a belated new year resolution, if there is any, that is to lose a bit of weight. Most importantly, I want to be fit and look good. The flabby and wrinkly tummy may always be there, but it should be minimized. There is no reason for me to look unattractive once I'm a mom,right?

Fortunately, we have a treadmill at home. My goal is to exercise twice a week. That should be a good start. And today is a good day to start. Oh boy, was I feel better after exercising.


  1. Hehe good luck for the new body shape project...
    No matter how you will look like, after having a baby, to BE ADORE by Ethan is the most important than anything now...:) and I think you have done a really good job for being an adore mom..;)

    thanx for sharing the lovely free template link yaaa Nat...!! :P

  2. Hope your new excercise regiment is going well. My "baby" is 27 and although I lost most of the weight over those years - I just never got back down to that before babies dress size! My new weight hurdle is age! LOL.

    Good luck with your goals. As always I very much enjoy looking at your work.
    Have a good day -