Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on the Port Moody Craft Fair

Just a quick update on the fair that I participated. It was GOOD overall. I didn't make a lot of sales but good enough, actually considering the low traffic that we had, I made enough sales.

What is more important is that I met 8 other crafters who are very crafty in their fields. We managed to fit our tables in a basement where the craft fair was held. Some of them are Etsian sellers and some of them sell locally. We learned from each other, not only about crafting and turning a hobby into business but also sharing our life as a mom. Most of these crafters are moms of young toddler like myself.

Furthermore, an idea came up to do another fair at a different venue. Apparently one of the ladies lives in a great complex with 'captive' audience with a gym that we can book. Sharing the cost definitely can make the pricebecome reasonable. We'll see how it goes.

These teabag holder seems to be a hit. You can find them at my shop. They are really great for stocking stuffers.

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  1. I like how you have everything set up...and who can NOT love your cards?! :)