Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spotted Tuesday: Deliciously Creamy

I've been indulging in food over the holiday. My in-laws came for a visit during the holiday and we had been dining out for almost every single day. Now come the new year and we're back to our routine and our home-cooked meals. No more eating out for a while and honestly, I don't really miss it. How about you? Do you still have some sweet treats left from the holiday? :-P

Enjoy my first Spotted Tuesday for 2010: Deliciously Creamy

1st row from left:
Lambskin leather shoes - pink tree from loveyloubaby

Everglade - gemstone and antiqued brass necklace from LiciaBeads

Beige Ranuculus Flower with Cream or Black Crochet Headband from LittleKeirasBows

Springtime Blooms and Windowboxes Card from scrapbookcompleted

Ice Cream Sandwich Key Chain from AmapolaJapan

2nd row from left:

Beautifully Dressed Cream Pincushion from tinybeardk

Honey marshmallows with peanut butter swirl 8 pc. from VintageConfections

Wristlet Zipper Gadget Pouch ...Travel Journal from Antiquebasketlady

Tuscan Vinyard from TessaAnn

Peachy Horned Toad from squidglass


  1. Thank you for including me!! This is great!!

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh Nat, I do adore you :0). Thank you for including my Springtime Blooms Card in your Spotted Tues. feature!!! I appreciate the note you left on my blog (obviously I don't post often enough; I just saw you comment today 1/23!). Love your blog!

  4. Thanks for letting me know you were highlighting my "Springtime Blooms" card! I appreciate your comment on my blog! Your blog is great! I need to post to mine more often!