Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creation of the Week: Patchy Patch

I'm all about using paper scraps up to tiny pieces. I think it's because I love papers so much and I hate throwing them in a waste bin.

A while back I posted how I use these scrap papers to the fullest here. This time, I'd like to share beautiful cards made of scrap papers.

I had so much fun making these patchy patch cards. Each scrap paper was stitched to the other as I imagined myself quilting. :-)
These cards are not available in my shop, sadly. They are one-of-a-kinds and are part of the recent wholesale order I was working on. Nevertheless, I'm planning to make a few more of these patchy patch cards as afterall... I have a LOT of scrap papers.


  1. Love the cards!That's exactly how I feel about fabric. I just can't throw those scraps away. I have a HUGE bin overflowing with scraps!

  2. Very the patchwork look..A clever way to use supplies to the fullest!...and the little Owlie is cute!!