Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Artisan: Orly Design

Saturday Artisan this week is all the way from Israel. I love international artists and it's so nice that Etsy is so global and allows all artists to meet in one place.

Orly Design offers ceramic art ware, perfect for your home or as a gift. Furthermore, Orly Design does custom design for weddings.

Here is Orly in her own words:

My name is Orly, I’m married and a mother of 3 beautiful children. In the past 7 years we live in a moshav (village) in Israel.

Since I remember myself, even as a child in my parent’s house, creation was always there. My parents had a factory for knitwear, which sold all over Israel. I understand today that my attraction to the handmade creation field started back then.

Over the years I have tried working with different materials and techniques, but once I tried ceramic – I fell in love! It’s a wonderful feeling to take a lump of clay with no shape or color and turn it into a personal, lively and unique creation.

This kind of creation offers me endless possibilities. I enjoy creating sculptures, jewelry, functional and decorative items. I like to combine in my ceramic work other materials from the nature, such as rocks, wood, glass and more.

My favorite…
One of the things I stared creating lately (and I just love!), are items for weddings.
I’m so excited when someone chooses one of my creations for their big day!

Until 6 months ago I taught computer networks collage. At the same time I also created and taught art. I’ve decided to quit my day job, and choose to create full time. During the day I spend most of my time in my home studio, where I create and teach art and ceramics for kids and adults.

The hardest part in my creation…Every time I turn on the kiln I literally count the hours, minutes and seconds till I can open it, and this kind of kiln when working with ceramics, there are a LOT of minutes to count. In my nature I’m a kind of person who wants to see immediate results, so waiting is the hardest part of my creation process. For me, to open the kiln in the end of the process – it's like to open a treasury box with many colorful unique surprises …

In the past I sold my work to friends, but due to increasing demand and friends recommendations I decided to open my Etsy shop, and I got hooked! I love the exposure, support and the wonderful atmosphere in this new world.

To make other people happy with little simple things from daily life makes me so happy….

Orly's ceramics are great, aren't they?

Wait till tomorrow, one of you maybe a lucky winner winning her ceramic :-)



  1. Thank you so much Nat for hosting me in your lovely blog !
    It's a great honor for me !

  2. Beautiful beautiful work!
    the love birds are stunning,
    and I really love the colors ...
    great etsy shop!
    good luck

  3. how beautiful! I love the pools and birds!

  4. I love Orly's birds!!!
    The colors Orly using are so beautiful!!
    Good luck!
    Alona (lonkoosh)

  5. Great artist spotlight! I love Orly's shop and her work is fabulous! She is so creative!
    It’s impossible to choose a favorite as all her items are adorable ! I wish her much success in the future!

    Efi Warsh

  6. Awesome works! A real artist!!
    Tali (RedBracelet)

  7. These birds are gorgeous! I adore them! :D

  8. Since you are already doing a lot of things with the birds perhaps you should make a bird mobile or two!

  9. Great artist!! I love her LOVE BIRDS!
    I wish you a lot of success:)

  10. Beautiful your Etsy shop!!

  11. What an insightful interview! I love that the passion sparked at an early age, watching her parents with their company, still continues on and she has really embraced her calling as an artist full-time. So inspiring!

  12. Love reading about Orly being a teacher and a mom - we have more in common than we knew. :)

  13. Christina - - I learned that Orly loves to make other people happy and is so excited when they choose her artwork for their big day (wedding)!

  14. Little things do make life wonderful!
    The birds are cute. Maybe add some cala lilies in the wedding section; birds and lilies are love to me.

  15. I would enjoy seeing more outdoor sculptures and
    indoor decor items...
    Great work!

  16. I adore that your using initials on the bird pieces, maybe extending it further with smaller birds and smaller initials for the kids may also be a good idea. You could have repeat business with people adding to their bird family each time they have more kids.

  17. I love Orly's shop!!! Her work is so beautiful and elegant!! The birds are so lovely and genteel!! great artist :-)


  18. I love Orly's shop. I didn't know it even existed. You learn something new every day, I guess. :) So inspiring.