Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting By

This has been another busy week. I'm hoping for sales and one day I could do this as a living. I'm getting there slowly even though it's tough. I have a few orders lining up, most of them are custom orders, which I LOVE!! Now that the orders are flowing in, I am struggling to manage my time. I'm sure you understand how hard it is to manage our 24 hrs in a day when we have to wear many different hats (mom, wife, an employee of a day job, and a shop owner and artist of my little shop). 24 hrs a day is certainly not enough and I say this many times. Silly me, cuz this will not change. Anyone out there feels the same?

 Anywhoooo... it's time to say bye for now as DH is about to pick me up from work. I can't wait to go home and wear my mom's hat. PS: those pink chic tags is available at my shop. I'll be making these tonight.

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