Friday, October 14, 2011

BzzAgent Review - Titanium (TM) Maximum Security

Over a month ago, as a member of BzzAgent, I was invited to join the Titanium Maximum Security campaign.

It was a perfect timing as we just bought a new desktop and the 30-day free trial from Norton Virus had about to expire. I signed up and was given a one-year free subscription for up to 3 computers including smartphones. Isn't that awesome?

Protecting ourselves from internet dangers is very important. We are surfing the internet at almost all times. I have a couple of online shops, twitter and Facebook accounts, just to name a few, in addition to e-mail account. I download data and images constantly and therefore need to have a secured system that protects us from virus, spyware, hackers, etc.

My husband installed the software into our desktop and laptop, but held off in installing to the smartphone as he wanted to see how it works first in our desktop and laptop.

The installation is pretty straight forward. FAQ and installation guide are available via video. And if we would have any difficulties in setting it up, there is technical support team that we could reach.
Every couple of weeks, we diligently keep up with the updates and it's an easy and user-friendly task to do.

Another thing I like about Trend Micro Titanium, compared to Norton Virus is that it gives a monthly review/ update on how it had successfully protect us. For example, how many spyware that it was able to detect.

We find that since we have installed the Trend Micro Titanium, our computer is a bit slower. I'm not sure if the software takes a lot of memory space.
Overall, Trend Micro Titanium is a good virus protection software. It might not be the greatest but I'm quite happy with it.

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