Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Artisan: Vicontempo

Meet our Saturday Artisan: Ranum of Vicontempo.

If you're looking for beautiful pillows and stockings, check her shop out. Let's get to know Ranum a bit more, shall we?

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?
I have started designing and sewing over a year ago. I was inspired by the holidays. The first product I made was Christmas Stockings.

As I was making them I realized that was not my first time sewing. When I was in 9th grade I made a dress for my aunt, and a skirt for myself. I used to hand-sew dresses for dolls, when I was about 10 years old. I had so many flash backs that inspired me to do more.

After finishing the stockings, which I made a lot of, over 80 pieces, half of them I sold outside Etsy, I made a Desert Rose Throw Pillow that I had a great pleasure of giving away recently through my Giveaway Starts Today. That’s how I started making Throw Pillow Covers.  Each finished throw pillow inspired me to make another one, it was hard to stop. Later I added table runners and ornaments, then I came up with these beautiful ribbon embroidered gift card pouches. This past Christmas Eve, December 24, 2011, at a family gathering near Escondido, CA, I brought 2 samples of the ribbon embroidered pouches to test the product. Everybody loved them. I was thrilled to see that. Now I am thinking of adding another product, quilts. I’ll give you a sneak peek on my first quilt. It is not finished yet, and soon to be posted on Etsy.

What inspires you?
I live in Los Angeles area, the city that inspires me a lot. There are so many creative people around me who are so special in their unique ways, and it is definitely an inspiration. I love challenge, that’s my biggest inspiration. It makes me push myself harder, and do my best. Also the memories of my grandma, who used to sit by the wood burning stove and make quilts. Those were the most beautiful quilts I had ever seen, and they were all handmade and hand sewn. I am actually making one right now that is hand sewn. It’s taking me more than a year, and I still have about 2 weeks of work left. I can’t wait to list it on Etsy, and show off -:)) What really keeps me going is the eagerness to see the image in my head turn into a reality.

Which part of creation process that you like to do the most?
My work is a continuing process, and I’ll explain why: as I am close to finishing up the last stitches of my creation, I start thinking of what the next project is going to be. I start designing it in my head, and this is when my favorite part comes - I love picking out the fabric, different colors, and more I spend time doing it, the design gets more intricate. I probably spend the same amount of time choosing the fabric, as actually making the item. It takes me from 8-10 hours to couple of weeks to finish a product. If you have ever handmade anything you know this is not a good business for money making, but I have too much fun creating my designs. The bottom line is, I don’t have a favorite part in creating, I love the whole thing, even the final step of taking pictures, and sealing products in plastic containers until it’s sold.

For us who love to travel, could you share a bit about your beautiful town/ city?
I’ve lived in few parts of Los Angeles. I love the city life, but I also love the country side for some peace and quiet. There are lots of things that happen here every day: music & sports events are the major types of entertainment. A big city with a diversified population with multicultural backgrounds is really a great place for an artist to be living in. Inspiration, and sources for new ideas are everywhere. My family loves going to Disney Land. Above is the recent picture of us at the lobby of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel by the Christmas tree. I take my camera, and you would think for taking family pictures. I take pictures of art.


What is your favorite tool that you cannot live without?
We’re living at the good times. Nowadays we have tools for everything that make your work easier, and more enjoyable. However, I’d say my favorite tool is a needle with a thread. That’s what I wouldn’t be able to make anything without.

Saving money is important; tell us one thing that you do to save money?
When I am at a fabric store, my mind goes crazy. I would buy everything, especially the fabrics that are very expensive, and never go on sale, but I have to budget it wisely. There are few things I do that help me save money. First of all, I always buy things that are on sale, or even double sale. I know, you’re probably asking what the double sale is. When stores have sales on top of the red tag prices, I call it a double sale. I save money to shop big few times a year during the major holiday seasons. Also I never go past the isles with the remnants. Remnants are pieces of fabric that measure less than a yard. I find good pieces there very often. I never throw away scraps, I save them, and find the way to reuse them in my projects. An important thing is to stay focused on your current project, and shop for what you need to finish it without going over the board, and buying things you think you might need in the future, or just because the store is offering a good deal on the item. Just remember, that they always offer all kinds of deals, and they always will.

Stay-tuned for tomorrow's giveaway!


  1. cool,, you've got talent since childhood,, go crafting :)


  2. i love the pillows! could you make more different designs?

  3. I could make any designs. Love to hear suggestions, or ideas, if you have any.