Friday, September 28, 2012

Gnome Birthday Party

Dear friends,
I've been in Indonesia for almost 3 weeks by now. The 'homesick' feeling is starting to creep again. I miss our home in Canada. I miss the smell of fall and the pumpkin patch. I didn't like the fact that it rains and showers so much in Vancouver but, I kind of miss it now. I know this is the feeling that one might have when moving to a new place, and I know somehow I will be able to move on.

I need to concentrate bringing my business back. There are challenges being far from North America, where my most customers are. Sales is a bit slower due to many reasons and I have strategies slowly being implemented. It doesn't take overnight but I'm optimistic.

Gnome party is SO adorable! Check out this set I made for a Vancouver celebrity. I can't really say who is she now, but maybe soon :-)


It was a pleasant surprise when I received an order from her. 

 I decided to make a few more for her.

Hoping to make her daughter's party a little bit more special.

Red and white Polka dot.....aren't these adorable?


  1. hi, how do i make order from you? my daughter first's birthday is coming up pretty soon i'd love to order your handmade birthday banners.

    please email me back at

  2. Hi Imeylda, I've e-mailed you :-)