Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bird Favor Tags in Pink and Brown

I love what I do and I have 'met' amazing people that I am honored that they allow me to be part of their loved ones' celebrations, may that be birthday, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, baptism, etc.

I think I'm blessed that I 'deal' with cute stuff everyday. Looking at what I'm working with always puts a smile on my face. It seems that I always be in the party mood when I'm at my little office. I don't call it working. It's more like....I'm playing!  My main goal is that my customers would feel the same way as they open their packages. More importantly, that the party is a hit and everyone has tons of fun.

I always enjoy receiving pictures from my customers on how they use my tags, banner, cupcake toppers, etc. I appreciate them taking the time to let me know how the party went and sending me sweet pictures. This definitely makes my day.

I love to share them with you as well for some inspirational ideas.

I have these adorable bird favor tags available in my shop, and they come in pink and yellow cardstocks. The birds themselves are adorable, designed in floral motif and come in a few different colors for variation. They are handpunched from beautiful embossed scrapbook papers that I bought at local scrapbook store.

Bird Favor Tags in Pink and Yellow

A customer saw these and asked me if I can do them in pink and brown to match her party color scheme. Absolutely, I said!

She also wanted them in different shape, which is also not a problem. You have to love handmade, don't you, when almost everything can be customized just for you.

Here they are in pretty pink and brown, in scallop circle and scallop square shapes.

They were mailed away and not too long after that, she sent me these pictures (one of many reasons why I love her!). 

How about these? Different favors and all tied and adorned with the sweet bird tags. She also made them into toppers.  Adorable!!


  1. I can see why you're happy while at "play"! I can't imagine having to go to a job that you didn't love or at least like. I taught for 31 years and know that I couldn't have gone every day unless I loved the kids and my profession!

    Putman Lake Designs

  2. You did a great job on those party favor tags. They look amazing on all the different things on the table. Thank you for sharing.

  3. How absolutely adorable! I can see why you are always in a party mood - LOL! Birds are always a favorite motif - and yours are so darn pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fun and bright little bird design. I like that you can customize and that you pointed that out. Gotta love handmade the savvy customer can request and receive exactly what they envision. Sweet!

  5. Your party favors are fantastic! Wonderful to be able to spend time doing something that you love and to bring happiness to others at the same time!

  6. Those little birds are so adorable. Little paisley chickadees. Darling!