Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spotted Tuesday: Yellow

Happy Tuesday!
Here we are on the last week of July and I'm spotting beautiful handmade products in yellow.
Yellow is such a great color that can work with other colors perfectly. It's often associated with sunshine and gold.

Interestingly, yellow plays such an important role in  Asian culture, particularly in China. Yellow is the Yin and Yang, the center of everything. The Chinese believes yellow brings good luck and it is such a prestigious color that you would see that in the olden days, yellow or gold decorates royal palaces and temples. Emperors would also wore yellow robes.

What is your preference? Bold and bright yellow? Or soft pastel yellow? I can't decide really. Bright yellow definitely reminds me of summer season, while softer yellow makes me think of babies. Ha!

All of these products below can be found at Artfire.

Train with Clouds Decal set from . I love everything in this shop! And the banner, oh so cute! This decal would be perfect to decor little boy's room, nursery or kids play room. I know my mine would want this for him if he was younger.

And how about these Burp Cloth Changing Pads from
The fabrics are so soft and very absorbent! "Be stylish when you are out with your little one!"

I'm in love with this summer dress card! You can get this gorgeous card at
More cards available at Lisa's shop. With so many varieties, I'm sure you will find one you are looking for. If not, talk to her and she will make it happen :-)

How about some lemons, everyone? Take a look at this pretty Lemon Grove Bracelet by I have to say I'm loving the shop banner too (I can't resist the cuteness of owls!).

One of jewelry artisans whose work I admire is Her Dichroic Fused Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant is simply stunning. "Wear this when you want to sparkle and attract attention. This would be a great pendant to wear to an art opening or party." I would agree on that!

is also one talented artist I found at Artfire. This Sonoran Sunrise earrings (perfectly named, I'd say) is made of Copal, turquoise and sterling silver. I like its simplicity and by that makes the yellow nicely pop out.

And last but not least, these cute Bumble Bee Favor Tags from my shop, These Bee Tags are perfect for birthday or baby shower parties. Each is 2 inch in diameter.

Hope you all have been enjoying your summer!


  1. The lemon bracelet is cute! I don't believe I ahve ever seen one before! :-)

    Stopping by from the Blogger's Guild

  2. Love your choices of yellow items from the artisans in ArtFire. Yellow always seems a happy color to me!

  3. You found your words, Nat! I like how you have shared your thoughts and the cultural history of yellow and gold in this lovely post. You have spotted and shared some really pretty pieces from Artfire studios too.

  4. Beautiful blog! Warm and lovely colors and the illustrations prove your point.

  5. I love bright lemon yellow rather than pastel. You've managed to find a great assortment of bright, cheerful items!

  6. I like the warmth of yellow! Great finds!

  7. Beautiful finds, and I am honored you added a pair of my earrings to the post. Thank you! Funny thing, a friend I had lunch with yesterday has spent a lot of time on and off in China and she talked about the cultural significance of yellow and red (: When my husband and I used to live further north, we always painted our main family rooms a pale, mellow yellow, but one that still had a pop of cheeriness to it. The color was always so wonderful during long, gray winter days. I swear, it made a difference! Thanks, Nat!

  8. Love the "Spotted Tuesday" idea! Catherine, we are getting ready to paint the main wall in our living room yellow to go with all the Chinese red! Although in China it's more of a gold, and every celebration is red and gold, as is their flag! Also traditionally a Chinese bride wears a red qipu (dress).

  9. I love these choices. Your tags are so adorable!! Lemon yellow is so cheery - I used to have a bright yellow and white kitchen, and it always seemed so happy. Thanks for including my bracelet here. :-)

  10. Gorgeous finds and am so grateful you included my yellow dress card - thanks Nat.

  11. Beautiful yellows! I prefer a soft yellow.

  12. Yellow is such a happy and cheerful color. I like bright, sunshine yellow best, but all of the different shades of yellow are nice. My kitchen is a pale golden yellow called cornbread. The yellow items you've featured from ArtFire artisans are lovely!

  13. Loving all the yellow finds :)