Thursday, October 31, 2013

Summer in Vancouver - Part 2

Here we are in the last day of October and I hope you don't mind me sharing my Summer. This post is the 2nd part of my 2013 Summer in Vancouver series. The Summer in Vanncouver - Part 1 was posted a couple of weeks ago.

We love going to Steveston, Richmond. It is still part of Vancouver Lower Mainland and is about an hour drive from our home.

There are a few things we can do here.

Steveston Fisherman's Wharf is one of the perfect places to go when you want a relaxing afternoon. We walk along the pier to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We sometimes see the swans who are not shy! The fish market is a must to go. We love to buy fresh wild salmons and shrimps here right off the fishing boats. We get fresh seafood at a fair price. Plus, we get to support local businesses. What not to love!

Located in Steveston village is the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, a National Historic Site of Canada. It was built in 1894, the largest canning building and the leading producer of canned salmon in British Columbia. It is definitely worth a visit tourist attraction site if you love museums. You are not only able to see the machines but also to touch them, very interesting. Tour guides are available and they are very knowledgable. We learn a little bit of  the history of the workers, how people lived at that time. Life certainly was not easy for them.

A stroll at the village, you will find restaurants (City Grill is one of my favs), coffee shops and souvenir shops. Fish and chips or Oysters and chips are to die for. And the ice cream is simply delightful!

Here is my son is in action. Tee hee!

We typically grill the salmon. I marinade it with lemon juice, garlic and a hint of salt and pepper. Fresh salmon needs to be accompanied by fresh vegetables and it cannot be freshener than coming from my mom and my brother's gardens. They are grown organically.

Late August/ early September are the time to harvest pears. Oh my, these pears were so sweet!  These again were from my brother's garden.

Here are stuffed mushrooms filled with bacon and topped with cheddar cheese. My DH's favorite.   Mmm....mmm.... :-)

Spending our summer in Vancouver meant that Ethan had the opportunity to spend time with his cousin. They grew up together and only about a year or so apart so being so close to each other comes naturally. Of course, there were times that when they spent too much time together they started to annoy each other. Lol. Nevertheless, aren't they adorable?

Thank you for dropping by and taking a glimpse look of my life beyond adorebynat. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to leave a comment and share this post.


  1. Summer vacations make the best memories for years to come! The cousins are cute, cute, cute! Yummy fresh veggies from the garden are definitely a treat.

  2. Such a lovely blog post. I do like the scenery of the Great Northwest!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place, thank you for sharing. Getting fresh seafood...what a bonus!

  4. Fresh seafood, YUM! That's what I miss most about not living in New England. Those veggies look so good, nothing like veggies right out of the garden. I visited BC quite a few times.....mostly on the Alberta border, but a few times on the it!

  5. I'm hungry now!! Great post Nat :)

  6. Would love to spend the summer in Vancouver, one of my all time favorite places. This post makes me want to go back! And the food . . . Lisa is right, this post also makes me hungry (: Thanks for sharing, Nat!