Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh Happy Mails

Receiving snail mails (with the exception of bills!) is pretty exciting!

I was patient enough waiting to see these goodies. They arrived months before me, so opening them all at once is just like opening presents at a Christmas day all over again. 

Be warned! I will show you a lot of amazing products. Please don't drool! Tee hee! And if you love them, you know where to get them. Links to the shops are provided below.

These stamps and washi tapes are treats for me. I have ton of stamps already and most of them are still unopened. But as one that has a serious hobby, you would understand, wouldn't you? 

I also bought myself a birthday present from one of the amazing jewelry artists, Aya of Aya Designs. I truly love her designs.  

Not too long ago, I purchased these cute necklaces and bracelet from my buddy, Zei of Pelhuaz by Red.

Check out this beautiful flower charm from Pelhuaz and adorable pink owl from Unique Creations by Tracy.

I was lucky enough to win this cute Wezen by J by G's giveaway, hosted at Pelhuaz's blog. I'm going to put it on my desk. I think it will do a very good job in cheering me up whenever I feel my day is not as good as I'd like it to be.

Networking with other business owners are rewarding. When you have a small business and your marketing budget is so limited, working with others is the best way to go. Interacting with others such as commenting their FB statuses, helps you to be seen as well. When they do a giveaway, you participate by entering and spreading the word. Who know, maybe you are lucky and you get to be the winner. 

This beautiful scarf is from Alesia of Green Barn Yarn and Gifts (previously known as Sew Accessible).

These pretty earrings are from Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs. Catherine is an amazing lady and her creations are one of a kind, beautiful and made with only high-quality material. Such a blessed to have a friend like her.

This cute monster plush is from Cody of Lu & Ed. It was made based on my little guy's drawing. Truly one-of-a-kind!

In addition, I received this goodies bag. What not to love? Such a pleasure being in this amazing community. These are from my favorite handmade shops! Some I come to know as wonderful virtual friends.

Now, who is not going to love Pedra, the lion? Kelly of Kiser Krafts is the amazing creator.

Pedra is so cheerful and a perfect companion for my little guy. He said she is pretty. :-)

Last but not least, look what I got in the mail the other day, a surprise bag from Violetsbuds. Pretty, pretty, and pretty!

I want to thank all these ladies for creating beautiful products. I'm honored to be the recipient. 

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or loved ones, I highly recommend those shops above. Their products are one-of-a-kind, created with passion and I guarantee you that you get a superb customer service. 


  1. how wonderful! awesome items! I can see why you like them so much :).

  2. Amazing talent! So many wonderful items!

  3. Yes, it does look like Christmas! Maybe you can use the wrapping paper in your own paper arts ;). Lovely, happy post.

  4. Yes, Nat, it's always exciting to receive parcels in the mail.
    These things are lovely, thanks for including the links so we can easily visit their stores.
    My favourite is the little polymer monster, so vey cute, lucky you to have won it.

  5. With most of snail mail being junk mail or bills, it's always exciting to receive a package filled with goodies! Thanks for sharing. Bet your little man is tickled with his new toys. :)

  6. What wonderful items. Each unique and fabulous. As an aside, I did drool, but just a bit.

  7. Drool . . . drool . . . drool . . . So many pretties! And I'm thrilled to see my earrings you won in the photos, Nat I hope you wear them with much joy!

  8. What a fun post - thanks for sharing your goodies with us. I love our community of handmade - you certainly live that, Nat. Cheers!

  9. That's some great looking stuff! Looks like you must keep the mailman (or woman) busy!