Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Giveaways

I stumbled upon Rainy Day in May's blog and I'm glad I did. First, I just loved the pink dotted background that she has for her blog. Second, as I kept scrolling down reading, I found out that she has a giveaway for this week. Who doesn't love that?

A giveaway from Smart Women collection which I just found out about it today. Pretty...pretty stuff. So go enter and please let her know that you came over to her place from mine.

And Ohhh, that reminds me that I should do a giveaway too. I haven't really decided about what to give and when to do that. It should be something cool and soon. Perhaps my cards or tags would be a good idea? A special theme or for any occasion? Any idea? Feel free to leave a comment. That would be really helpful!

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