Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Anticipation

With the new addition to our family (the birth of our son, Ethan), my husband and I had decided to relocate to Indonesia ( perhaps Singapore soon) for now at least. We had been going back and forth between Vancouver and Surabaya since the end of January. 

Little Ethan had to travel with us, holding TWO passports, as young as 2 1/2 months old. Soon, our dog, Mocha aka our 'first son' will rejoin us too. He is on his way to Jakarta, Indonesia as I'm writing this. 

The anticipation...I can't wait to see him. I already imagined having him sleeping in the same room again with us like the old times. Well, I can't see him right away though. He has to be quarantined to a max of 14 days and I'm located in Surabaya, an hour flight from Jakarta (but can take about 24 for a roadtrip). I know that it's quite a long journey for him: a 17-hours flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam and about a 9-hours flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta. But we are told that he is going to be taken care of and stay at KLM Cargo Animal Hotel

It will be a big adjustment for him as well, just like us when we got here months ago. However, I'm sure that he will be happy seeing his family again. My close family said that we do not use common sense for spending too much money for a dog. Yes, I know that the cost of relocation is quite expensive ($2,000). And with that much money I could buy 10 or more dogs here. But how could I leave him there alone and not having a good home. If we found a good family that would take him, I probably would give him up although it is not an easy thing to do at all. 

I have him since he was a puppy (I used to have his Mom) and he's been with us for 7 years. We treat him as our own baby before Ethan was born. So no matter what people say, we listen to our conscience, that is to bring him with us.



  1. what a sweet dog! A close friend of mine just moved to Surabaya....small world. I hope to visit her her sometime soon. I visited Surabaya once - long ago.
    I hope you are enjoying live in Indonesia. (we lived in Jakarta for 4 years).

  2. What a cutie! By the time I'm writing this he'll be home soon with you!

  3. Well done for taking your commitment to your dog so seriously. I volunteer at a dog's home, so I know that not everyone does.

  4. Well done indeed. Raising a happy and healthy pet is as much of a commitment as raising a happy and healthy child. Good for you!