Monday, September 1, 2008

No Internet = Busy Cardmaking

Today, my internet was down for almost the whole day. Arrgrr! I was unable to get on Etsy, not until around 4 pm. Once it's on, first things first, check both of my Etsy stores: Adorebynat and Natsupplies. Check if there is any convos, any new hearts and any sales. Sold 2 items in my supply store, Yei!

Below are some cards and tea bag holders that I made today. These tea bag holders will go with some of my orders. I'll include them to bigger orders, while for a smaller orders will get candies. When packing, I have to watch for the weight too, making sure I don't go over the limit. It's my priority to get them well-packaged.

Once finish this blog of the day, I'm off to do some listings. And tonight, I'm going for a dinner with my hubby. We haven't done this for awhile. Nothing fancy. It's just in the Mall. We have to buy dog food for Mocha and be home by 9pm for Ethan's bedtime. Ethan will stay with my in-laws while we're gone :-)

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