Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trip to Singapore - Part 4

When we're planning to go to Singapore, I also had a plan of my own, that was to shop 'till I drop at scrapbooking stores. I might have mentioned it before that there is no scrapbooking store here in Indonesia.

My main mission was to get a paper trimmer. I blogged about my old trimmer here. Since then, I bought one at a local bookstore. It's made by Carl. I like it as it cuts so crisp. The draw back is that it does not come with a side ruler.

My mission was accomplished. I found this EK Cutterpede. It's pink and it has ruler. I knew I spent a bit too much on it (SG$60) while it costs only US$25 at Target. But considering the cost of the plane ticket to the State, I find it as a great deal!

And the BIG toy that I bought was . . . the BIG SHOTS along with some of die-cuts and texturz. And it's PINK too! I somehow reminded of being girly again which I haven't felt for awhile after having a baby boy. Oh yeah, it was big bucks that I spent all right, but I considered it as an investment. And yes, of course, it's more expensive than buying it in North America. Luckily, I bought it on a discounted price as I spent SG$300 on the die-cuts. I honestly had been going back and forth to the store (Made with Love), deciding whether to get it or not. And my husband was kind enough and being supportive of me buying it. I told him that I would regret it once I am on the plane should I haven't bought it. :-)

You thought I used the machine right away once returning to Indonesia? Wrong. Somehow a part of me did not want to open the package. I treasured it so much that I didn't want to open it, tried to find the right moment. Weird, huh? But enough of being weird. I finally opened it yesterday. That's right, just yesterday and I returned on the 5th. I'm planning to play with it a bit more tomorrow.

Patterned papers. They're a must to buy, aren't they? I bought mostly for Ethan's scrapbook album. Aren't they pretty?

A special thanks to Richard of UniqueGrabs. I contacted him prior leaving to Singapore in regards of scrapbooking and cardmaking suppliers and he was generous enough and gave me a thorough information where they are.

And thanks to Iris of Made with Love for patiently assisting me. I had so much fun being in the store. Superb service! Definitely visit it again on my next trip to Singapore.

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