Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Sets of Cards

We found out that each of us can only bring 2 x 23 kg baggage. It was 2 x 32 kg when we flew to Indonesia last year. That means it is about 50 kg reduced in total as a family.

Today I dug in my box of cards, reorganized, and put some of them in a set of 5. They are available at my Adore By Nat shop.

I REALLY need to get rid of my cards as I won't be able to bring them all. And the paper supplies . . . it's still piling in my drawers. Call me desperate but I got to admit . . . I AM!!

The planning is already in mind. I have to leave some of my rubberstamps behind. It's true that acrylic stamps are much better over all. They don't take so much space and very light in weight. Papers . . . I have to use as many as I could but at the same time I'm fighting myself as I really like to collect papers too. Oh darn!

Wish me luck on my attempt in selling all of my cards and clearing out the inventory.

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