Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip to Bali -- Part 2 (Kuta)

Here are some pictures of us in Kuta, which is the most popular tourist area in Bali. Kuta area is very close proximity to Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you're looking for a night live, then this would be the ideal place for staying and hanging out. It's, however, not recommended for a young family like ours.

Discovery Mall, the only beach front shopping mall in Bali. The beach view is simply breath-taking.

Ethan hanging on tightly to daddy.

Strolling Kuta Street

Kuta Beach -- Ethan's 1st time being on a beach.

The weather has not been cooperating with us. It has been cloudy and raining everyday. Good thing that it's not like Vancouver where it rains the whole day and the next day and so on. In Indonesia, rain tends to go heavily for half an hour to an hour and stop. But it does cause some flooding in some areas.

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  1. The pictures of your trip are beautiful. It's so nice to get away.