Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get Organized

A little organization was necessary to be done yesterday. I've been making cards for every single cards and they start to pile up.

It becomes a little headache if I don't organize it and it'd better be sooner than later. Here is just my way of organizing them, making it easier for me to grab them once they're sold out:
  1. Enclose the card and envelope in a plastic sleeve
  2. Number each card and make sure it is corresponded to the listing. I bought labels and they will for a long time since they are 500 at least in a pack.
  3. Store them in a box :-)

As I'm organizing these new cards, I found a box of Christmas cards that I made a couple of years ago. As I haven't made any new Christmas cards, which I should anytime soon, this will be a great start to list them on my shop.


  1. I also find organisation is key. I use plastic boxes, other than that,. we have similar ways. I have so many cards ready to list as I can't stop making them!