Thursday, September 10, 2009


It was last night that I realized about how good it felt. sitting down in the living room with DH sitting nearby, accompanying Ethan watching one of his favorite sing-along VCDs. This may seem to be just what most families do, but I felt guilty for taking it for granted. Often times, my mind is somewhere else, you know, keep thinking about how many cards I should make to achieve my goals and other tasks that I need to accomplish. I forgot to enjoy the moments.

But last night, I took a pause and thought about what I have in front of me. A loving husband and a wonderful son. It was actually felt really good once I started to be more aware of the moments and not to get stressed out about getting things done. I had given up my nappings (which I LOVED), attempt to work until 11pm or midnight, and wake up at 6am (or earlier if I could).

I thought myself that I should learn to take a pause. So what if things get done a little later? Getting stressed out is actually not very productive. I got more tired at the end.

So this morning, after returning from a store, I took Ethan to the backyard. I had my coffee and Michael's flier while looking at Ethan running so freely in the yard.

That moment is PRECIOUS and I will try my best to remind myself: pause...breathe...

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