Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Artisan: Bross Art Addiction

Meet our Saturday Artisan for this week: Tracey of Bross Art Addiction.

Love love and love her creations! She has handmade beaded jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, zipper pulls, charms, beaded bookmarks, book thongs, stitch markers, cards, tags and more at her shop. As a fellow papercrafter, I adore her cards, of course.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what arts/ crafts that you make?
I’m happily married to a super great husband who supports me in everything I do! I’m a stay at home mom to 3 boys ages 3, 6 and 8…they definitely keep me busy…lol! I’m an avid crafter and always have been! I’m always trying new things to keep my hands and my mind busy. The things I love to do the most are making jewelry, creating cards, scrapbooking, crocheting and drawing of which some have developed into a full time job for me and others have stayed hobbies just to keep my sanity…lol.

Which part of creation process that you like to do the most?
When it comes time to planning a new jewelry design, zipper pull, or beaded bookmark from thinking it up in my head to starting the first and finalized touches of a piece. And then looking at it and ecstatically realizing it had started out as one thing and then turned out totally different and more amazing then what I had in mind. It reminds me that art isn’t always perfect and that some of the most beautiful things are made when you stray away from the plan or pattern!

Could you share on how you organize your products, we all can use little tips here and there in this department?
I have a box that sits near my craft table that is used for finished items but not yet photographed or listed. I have a separate box that sits on top of my computer desk for product that has been photographed and is ready to be listed. And then finally I have a small wood drawer system that my hubby built where I keep my finished products in their organized places in my craft area…meaning the items have been finished, photographed and listed for sale on Etsy. So it’s a 3 step organization process for me.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
I have to say my beaded bookmarks and zipper pulls are my most favorite items to make…they allow me to be the most creative!

What is your best seller?
My zipper pulls are the best sellers as they suit a general audience because they can be used as not only zipper pulls but fun little keychains or pendants!

How does your day go in general?
Taking care of my hubby and my boys, creating, chatting up the forums, promoting, promoting, promoting, cooking and cleaning in no particular order and then off to bed before my day starts all over again.

Do you have a favorite Etsy seller?
Oh yes I have many favorite sellers, there are so many talented people on Etsy! It would take me forever to list all of them, but here are a few: -Natalie makes the most sweetest clay figurines from bears to pigs and even adorably cute little beads and they all have sweet little features like flowers or hearts made from her very own polymer clay canes. Everyone is different and so well made. And Nat has excellent customer service which is very important! -Sing makes the most stunning artwork and is the sweetest Etsier you could meet! –Lisa runs her very own in home state licensed bakery where she makes the most delicious fudge!

What inspires you?
Other moms who have full time jobs apart from Etsy and still find the time to craft, promote, join in on the Etsy community (forums), cook and still keep their house clean and managed! The super Etsy moms or super moms in general keep me inspired to keep doing what I do and strive to keep doing better!

What is your goal for 2010? And are you on the right track?
I’m in the process right now of changing the look of my Etsy shops to suit my colorful and creative personality! Right now my shop to me is too dark with the black background I use and I would like to get away from that background with more colorful ones. I want my shop to look more happy and inviting! Also my hubby is trying to help me get my very own website started. So I hope to have my own website along with Etsy up and running by the end of the year. Besides those things…I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging more!

What is your favorite tool that you cannot live without?
I absolutely cannot live without my Lindstrom pliers and my ATG tape gun! My handy dandy “Lindstrom” pliers allow me to work and wrap wire for hours and hours without my hands cramping up on me. And my ATG gun allows me to do the same without my double sided tape running out before I finish a card!

How do you promote your shop? There are many many ways I promote my shop! I use all the social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Kaboodle, HiveIt, Flickr and I also try to blog regularly. Other than that I also submit my Etsy shop to search engines (There are LOTS!) and places like and I also join other craft websites that support indie crafters like;,, and there are many more!

Any advice for others running their on-line shop?
I would just say to keep trying, never give up and have patience…lots of patience is the key to being successful!

Psstt! Celebrate her 1 year anniversary with Etsy and get 50% off of everything in her shop (read the shop announcement for details). That's one kind of deal that is hard to resist for and be sure to come back for tomorrow's giveaway!


  1. Lovely interview! I especially like the information shared on organization ... that, for some reason, has been hard for me and I like the 3-step process which Tracey describes here. I especially like step 3 ... an organized place for the items which have been listed and are ready to be sold. Wonder if I could get my hubby to build a wooden drawer system like Tracey's husband built for her??

  2. I am not at all surprised the zipper pulls are the best sellers - all the items are absolutely lovely (one of my favorites from the shop was a bracelet, in fact) but the little zipper pulls are dainty and fun, too cute indeed. :)

  3. Isn't this the truth ...Art isn’t always perfect and that some of the most beautiful things are made when you stray away from the plan or pattern! Love this quote! :)