Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Autumn Day

What beautiful days the past weekend were. It was a bit cold all of a sudden, the sign of fall season is finally here. Fortunately, the sun didn't dissapoint us a bit.

When the weather is splendid like this, the best way is to go out and enjoy it while it last. So we drove up to Buntzen Lake, not too far way from where we live.

Ethan had so much fun running around freely. Of course he ended up fell down and that white hoodie top got muddy.

But what he enjoyed the best was ... throwing rocks into the lake!!

Now it's your turn to tell me: what did you do on the weekend?


  1. Looks like a wonderful time - lovely pictures!

  2. Lovely photos! Not much fall color here usually, but the nights are becoming cooler.

  3. How beautiful! Where do you live?? That scenery is just gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous! I miss the four seasons here in California.:)

  5. Thanks everyone :-)
    Fiona, we had wonderful time.

    Alyssa, yes we had to say goodbye to summer and embrace the cool weather. It's starting to get cold as well in here.

    Scracklep, we live in lower mainland, Vancouver, BC. A beautiful city with seas and mountains. A lot of rains though.

    juditsd, I love CA kind of tropical weather!! Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect!