Friday, February 11, 2011

Here We are Staying

You probably notice that I've been quite for the past few days.

My son has been sick and inevitably I caught the cold. *sigh* For the past few nights, I went to bed early, trying to rest and hopefully getting better soon. In the meantime, I'm completing orders to ensure they are out on time.

So many changes happen at the same time. I dropped a few hints in the beginning of the year posts, saying that I have news, didn't I?

Well... I think it's time to share the good news. We have decided to stay in Canada and we bought a townhome. We feel so much better after making a decision eventhough the process was quite stressful. Being undecided for the past 3 years was not fun at all. *relief* Now after choosing a path, we can simply follow that path and see what the future holds for us. This is one of the biggest decisions we made so far and we surely didn't make it lightly (think about how many years we've floating around).

I hope that this is the last time we move, at least for the next 5 years. If you're curious on how many times we had moved for the past 3 years, take a peek on the posts when I just started blogging and you'll be sure you don't want to be in my shoes. Lol.

Talking about the house now, well...we're not taking possession until the 22nd and there will be a lot of renovation projects before we move in. Then the packing and unpacking, my favorite things to do...NOT. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Oh, and I'll need to return to my day job starting next week. That means wheather I like it or not, I have to slow down in taking care of my Etsy shops. If you have suggestions on how I can manage my time better doing all of these, I'd love to hear them.

Now, let me get back completing my orders, including a wholesale order that just came in.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. So pleased to hear the wandering has stopped and you can set down some roots.

    I shut one shop as I needed more time away from the administration & promotion of two shops. I now have more time to paint and be with my husband and go to the gym.

  2. Best of luck with all your changes and decisions, Nat.