Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BzzAgent review: Multibionta

As part of being a BzzAgent, a couple of weeks ago I received products to try: Multibionta.
I take multivitamin daily but I honestly haven’t heard about Multibionta in the past, not until now. However, what encouraged me to try it is that Multibionta is not only multivitamin. It has probiotics which are a good thing! We (my husband and I) used to take priobiotics separately in addition to dailyt multivitamin intake. We bought probiotics sold in a local organic store and it’s not cheap let me tell ya and decided to not purchasing them any longer.

Multibionta offers a unique combination of probiotics, vitamins and minerals that all work together to strengthen the digestive and immune systems. Working together, the vitamins and minerals in Multibionta encourage the growth and survival of the probiotic cultures in the gut. Plus, a healthy gut flora is also capable of improving the absorption of certain minerals, and of producing specific vitamins.
Did you know that about 70% of the immune system resides in the gut? That’s why it’s so important to promote good digestive health in order to boost immunity. Stress, poor eating habits, physical strain, antibiotics or other drugs can disturb the good bacteria in the gut. You can support a healthy level of good bacteria to your gut by taking a probiotic supplement like Multibionta.

So...I've tried Multibionta for a couple of weeks. I think taking them daily has helped me a lot to stay healthy. The recent moving was a big thing and could be stressful and so far we manage it well.
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