Friday, March 4, 2011

Progress These Days

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so glad that we survived another week!

Above is a snapshot of beautiful scenery we have from our deck at the back of our new home. Can't you tell that it's a golf course?

We had hired a painter to paint our new home. Sadly, it didn't go well that we ended the contract 2/3 of the way and we will have to finish it off ourselves.

The flooring contractor started his job today and hopefully he delivers. The new flooring should be completed in 4 days. After that, we are planning to do the painting, which will happen during weekdays after we get off from work. It's going to be a LONG week!! I just need to remind myself: It's going to be worth it!!

Therefore, I may need to close my shop or at least not taking new orders at the moment . . . only if I can't resist to. You can tell I'm still contemplating here. I do have a few orders to complete and mail this weekend. That'll keep me extra busy but at least I'm doing what I love to do.

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