Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Creative Space: My Little Heaven

At last, I finally have my own little office, a space where I call my heaven.

It's not too big but it's surely bigger than what I've had for the past years, which was a little corner in a bedroom.

I got a little bit stressed out when I unpacked my craft goodies three weeks ago. Who knew that I have SO much stuff and these were only accumulated in the past 2 years. More of my goodies are still waiting for me in Indonesia. This is definitely an eye opener that weekly trip to Michaels is unnecessary. Lol.

DH was surprised that the room was easily invaded with boxes and piles of papers.

With some organization over 2 days, my little heaven is finally here.

The laptop soon will retire. DH has to get me a new computer, he promised! I'm still debating whether to get Mac this time or stay with PC.

My adorable buttons are nicely stored in jars. Ribbons and prima flowers, oh how pretty they are.

And of course my cupcake toppers.

So there my friends, a little sneak peek to my creative space. Thanks for the visit!


  1. It always feel good to have our own little corner! Nice space!...

  2. I love your new space! I need some shelves like those badly! I just switched to a Mac last fall & I absolutely love it- much faster & no problems :)

  3. Sabine, it certainly feels great to call this my own playroom :-)

    Stephanie, these already built-in shelves were definitely the plus when we purchased the house. I thought I would get rid of my drawers and nope, I have too much stuff that I still need them. Lol

  4. Your new space is soooo neat. I'm sure it will boost your creativity even more! Good for you, Nat!