Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Nest

As we're settling into our new home, two more families decided to stay with us. I've never seen a nest this big. This is a crow nest.

Another family is Starling. The nest was sitting on the displaced soffit. I can only wish they helped us with the mortgage. Lol. I still have to find pictures of the 1st day we moved in and the update on our renovation project. I'll share them with you once I have them. There is always something to do each day. Just like tonight, DH is still busy with paint touching. It's getting really late now, so I'd to say good night and hit the sack. I hope DH will follow me soon.


  1. Some posts offer you an absolutely free opportunity to smile for a while. This is one of them. See, the way you described crow family and their nest. It's great, really. Yeah, it does seem to me a big nest too. They must be planning a big sweet home for youngsters. Or, the crow couple must be creative enough to design their nest in an innovative way.
    Hope you all would have great time together. See, for this, you will have to set some rules. Otherwise, family clashes are most likely. You know what, crow family may not like any interruption in their personal life. You may wear Medieval Bracelets to charm the other family. Anyways, best wishes. May new home bring new happy moments in your life. Amen

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