Monday, May 9, 2011

BzzAgent Review: McCain Purely Potatoes

I love being a BzzAgent! I receive invitations to try new products and one of them is McCain Purely Potatoes. After saying 'yes' to the invitation, coupons were sent to me including a coupon to try the White Potato Chunks

or Sweet Potato Chunks for free! Decision... decision... decision...
I picked Potato Chunks by the way this time but I will try the Sweet Potato this weekend.

A busy mom like I am, having an on-line shop on top of my 9-5 pm day job as plus raising a 3 years old boy, I need something quick and simple in preparing family dinners.

I made mashed potatoes with this. Again, it's so easy and delicious! What so impressive is that it's made from 100% real potatoes. It's packed in a microwave ready bag and just pop it in the microwave in minutes. Skip the washing, peeling, and cutting and you can have your dinner ready in less than 30 minutes. Now that is what I call time-saver (and energy! Lol).

You can find these in the frozen potato and french fry section of all major grocery stores. The price is reasonable ($3.49) minus $1.00 off coupon I have, what not to love.

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