Monday, August 22, 2011

Backpack Tag

Happy Monday!

I made this cute backpack tag a week ago. It's for my little Ethan. With the school starting around the corner, this will be a great touch to kid's backpack.

A quick tutorial that I thought I'll share with you. It's super easy! And fun, may I add!!

First, get the cute backpack digital stamp from JW Illustrations. Color it as you wish in photoshop. Add your children name.

Then get recycled cardboard and a piece of double-sided patterned paper.

Print the image.

Cut the cardboard into the size you'd like the tag to be, and then adhere the patterned paper on each side.

I like to use double-sided tape as it gives a clean cut finishing than glue. Adhere the image and pretty the tag up with ribbons and baker's twine.

The back of the tag has helicopters which was a sweet surprise for my little one.

Oh how he adores it.

Thanks for dropping by.

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