Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pinterest Findings

Hello friends,

I've been introduced to Pinterest late last year and I tell you, it's addicting! I'm sure all of you who have a Pinterest account would agree with me.

You can find literally anything.

From Dream Workspace

to a Little Girl's Room

To What's for Dinner

To a cutie like this one

To Where I Want to Visit Someday

Pinterest is the 'where to get an inspiration' in a snap.

I had a couple of people approached me to help them get the colors or the party look they've seen in Pinterest. This way, I could visualize their dream party and try my best to make that happens.

I could go on and on but I think you want to explore Pinterest on your own now. Have fun!

And if you want to follow me on Pinterest, I'll be happy to follow you back :-)


  1. that little piggie is WAY too cute!! I'm hooked on pinterest too :o) great finds!

  2. love pinterest! you can get lost on there and spend hours!