Thursday, February 2, 2012

Princess Birthday Theme

What a beautiful Thursday! The sun is shinning. The cloud is clear. Yes, it's still a little bit chill but it's beautiful!

I recently had a chance to work with a client creating invitations, favor tags, cupcake toppers, and door sign in Princess theme.

This was a great excuse to let my girly girl style out and play with pinks. So much fun!

Let's not waste the sun, shall we? We're going to drive to the North Shore around noon, give the dentist a little visit then pick up my pre-order papers. Along the way, we'll be sure to enjoy the sunny day.


  1. OMG, you have a blog! Yay :) the princess treats are adorabubble! ♥

    1. Ohh, did you just notice it now? Well, it's not too late :-)
      Hope all is well!