Thursday, January 15, 2009


Honestly, I felt that I've not been accomplished much these days in terms of cardmaking. But last night, I felt somewhat better since I completed TWO pages of Ethan's baby album. YEI!

We've been going out for errands. We took Mocha our dog for grooming yesterday.

While waiting for him, we visited hubby's friend and his wife. It has been a while that we haven't hung out and it was nice seeing them, e. Later in the afternoon, we drove my mom-in-law to the store and picked up my passport and visa.

We're planning to go to Singapore on Feb 1st for 5 days. It's not so much of vacation. It's more like a last review to see if we really want to relocate to Singapore. Plus, Ethan needs to get Meningococcal Conjugate vaccination which is not available in Indonesia. I'm also planning for a little shopping for my paper supplies. Yes, the closest local scrapbook store to me is in Singapore. It's quite pathetic, I know. It's one of many reasons why I want to move to Singapore. :-) I'll be able to accept large custom orders where same patterned paper is used.

Aren't these appliques cute? They are handmade, but not just by me. I bought them commercially and sell them back at my NatSupplies store.

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