Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Glimpse To Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Ox Year, we went for a dinner on the 25th. So many restaurants were booked for this event and the price hijacked as high as 400%. My dad-in-law insisted that we had to have a nice dinner as part of Chinese tradition. If I were him, I'll wait until the next day to have a nice dinner when the price would go back to normal.

The dinner started quite well until lion and/or dragon dance was performed. Ethan cried hysterically that we finally went back to the car and waited until it finished. What a night! An expensive dinner and yet we couldn't really enjoy it.

Since that day (until today), Ethan cries whenever he is in new (strange) places. A visit to a relative became a disaster too. I ended up waiting in the front yard and the in-laws had to cut the visit short. If you know ways for me to help him overcome his fears, please leave me a comment. I'll really appreciate it!

Here is my newest card. Yes, I'm still in love with bird and yes, with felt as well.

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