Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip to Niagara Falls

We went to Niagara Falls on Saturday with a rental car. The weather in Toronto area had been great sunny days for the last days. But on the day of our trip, it rained.

Good thing about the rain in Toronto compared to West Coast is that it would stop after a few hours while in Vancouver, it could rain from morning to night and to the next morning continuously. I remember that when we lived in Vancouver, when the rain came we had to change the whole plan instead of postponing it. It was unlikely that the rain would stop in a few hours.

To wait the rain to stop, we went to Canada One Factory Outlet. Carters OshKosh outlet just opened last Saturday and they gave out additional 20% off. Mexx was having 50% off. We could not help but buying a few clothes for Ethan. Good for us for not shopping for ourselves.

By the time we finished shopping, the rain stopped. It was not sunny but I found it as a perfect weather after all: cool instead of hot sunny day.

This is my 2nd trip to Niagara Falls. The first one was in September 2004 when it was just the two of us, hubby and I.


  1. Awww Ethan is so cute. And I envy you guys so much right now hahaha =) Niagara Falls is really beautiful, right?

  2. You have a beautiful blog template. Great job!

  3. Hi Nat, oh your son is so cute:)
    I just read your comments about me in LeelaBijou blog, thank you so much! And I just found your etsy shop too:)
    Nice to meet you Nat, do you live in Canada now?