Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Much Do I Really Want It?

So like everyone else I want my online shops, AdoreByNat and Natsupplies to run successfully. Who wouldn't right? Successfuly meaning that I don't have to go back to a day job. Even though I enjoy working as an HR Generalist I would rather do cardmaking.

But really, how much do I really want it? Often times I envy those who have successful shops, those who made many and many sales. Reading their stories on how they achive their dreams on Quit Your Day Job and/ or their blogs inspire me. I got to admit though, inspiration is not enough if it's not followed by determination and action.

Admitedly I kept saying to myself: "I want to be like that one day and hopefully that day is soon." But I think it's about enough to say that to myself. Really, do I really want it?

I need a kick in a you know what. Being successful means working harder. It means less sleeping time. 6 hours should be enough instead of 8. That way, I will have 2 extra hours to make cards.

So, no more yupping but more action.
Starting with tonight, I need to finish reading my 'new' sewing machine manual (bought from a good friend about 2 years ago), convo her as I have a question to ask and put the machine to work tomorrow. This machine is going to be my good friend replacing the little missy that I left in Indonesia (see her here).

More actions to plan now on my agenda.


  1. It´s great to be inspirated and to have goals!

  2. Ditto here! Good luck and I wish you the best. I have sort of the same dream too but I guess I'm not as determined as you are right now. I'm getting there though ... slowly but sure =)