Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dare I Share?

My workspace is a Nightmare!! I've been busy with wholesale orders on top getting ready for the holidays. And as more different cardstocks and patterned papers being cut and used and more supplies I've purchased lately (can't resist good deals!!), more little scrap papers invade my table.

Did you see the table by the way? It's buried. I sometimes get frustrated trying to find something I need to use and waste 15 minutes of my precious time. You must wonder where do I actually lay and assemble my cards. Lol.

There I shared it! Being unorganized is not something I'm proud of but occasionaly chaos happens **run hiding** :-)

Now, do you dare to show yours?

PS: I'm not really planning to re-organize my workspace since I need to pack them up anyway real soon. We're moving (again) on the 15th. Will update you more on this on next post.

1 comment:

  1. my workspace seems to always look like this! I finally cleaned it up a couple of days ago! :)