Sunday, October 4, 2009

Working on Wholesale Order

I've been MIA for the past week, I apologize. I know I'm not so good with keeping blog up-to-date. I try, though, but that's not an excuse. :-P

The past weeks had been crazy busy for me. My wholesale client wanted to re-order. Yei!! It also meant that I had to stay up late and wake up very early on most days.

My 22 mos son didn't make it easier for me. He got up and found me whenever I wasn't in bed (we still share bed and I have the him-sleeping-on-his-own-room on my list but there are other stuff that takes more priority at the moment). Once I tried to wake up at 4am and snuck out of bedroom and less than half an hour . . . there he was, looking at me from upstairs and called "mama". Lights were off and I headed to upstair to continue my sleep.

Aaaanyway, 100 cards were picked as wholesale order and will be sent this week to Nelson, BC. I just need to go to the post office tomorrow to get a quote on the shipping cost. As holiday season is approaching, Christmas cards are requested.

Here are some of my Christmas cards. All are sold out.

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