Friday, October 9, 2009

Down at the States

We made another trip to Bellingham, WA yesterday.

First stop just after crossing the border was the Edaleen's dairy store. Main reason is to go to their washroom *blushing* as I couldn't hold it until we'll get to Bellingham, our main destination. But we bought a bottle of strawberry milk which Ethan LOVED so much. We intended to buy more dairies on the way back, just to ensure their freshness. Their ice creams are SO GOOD and reasonably priced, and you can't beat their FRESHNESS.

2nd stop was to this scrapbooking store that I LOVED to visit everytime I'm down at the States. The bad news is that they're closing their door for good this Saturday. :-(

The good news is that everything is on sale for 50% off. Some stuff are even 70% off. Believe it or not, I was there 2 weeks ago when they started with 20% off. When my parents said they're going this week, I could not resist to not tag along.

Ethan seemed to have a good time himself. I think it's really a good idea for them making these play area available allowing moms do their shopping without little ones nagging.

And here what I bought: tons of cardstocks and a stack of patterned papers. Who could resist them?

And some stamps and stickers.

We, of course, got hungry. Afterall it's noon already. An hour and a half spent at scrapbooking store, boy....time flied.

Next stop is IHOP.

Once we're recharged, it's time to go back shopping: ROSS. But before then, I got to go postal office to mail my wholesale order package to Singapore. If you're curious, yes, it's actually cheaper to mail from the States than from Canada. It's worth the cost only if I have other stuff to do, otherwise the time and gas spent would not make it worthwhile.

Last trip before heading to Canada is Walmart. Ethan is trying out a bike. My parents wanted to buy one for his 2nd birthday. It's just too bad that this bike is not the right one for him, perhaps if he's three.

Because I was too exhausted at the end of the day, no cardmaking last night. I dozed off as I put Ethan to bed.

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