Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spotted Tuesday: Pooh Inspired

This week Spotted Tuesday is inspired by my 2-years old son's best friend: 'baby Pooh'. Pooh maybe worn out (warning: too much love affection may worn you out), LOL, but he holds a special place in Ethan's life and to be honest I'm afraid that Ethan may choose him over me. Hik...Hik.

Enjoy these beautiful findings and let me know which one is your favorite?

1st row from the left:

Coral and Yellow Felt Beads by StemellinaSupplies

Boy and Rain Cloud by Cabin

Bracelet, Lampwork by Leah Sawyer

2nd row from the left:

Magnetic Little Cars Button Covers
by Wheezies

Needle Felted Wool Doll Ball by asherjasper

Ladybugs and Posies on Yellow Pouch by NGHDesigns


  1. They are all colorful and cute! But I'm partial to ladybugs! :)

  2. Hi Natalie,

    I love ur blog and ur work :)

    Btw, where do you buy your patterned paper? Notice you buy some off etsy....is it any good? are they 12 x 12? cheap? haha
    You probably buy your card and paper wholesale eh?

    keep up the inspiring work ;)


  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words! :-)

    I bought some papers on Etsy,but in 6x6 and 4x6 sizes. 12x12 is too expensive in terms of the shipping cost. I always look for good bargains, so I visit Michaels quite often and use my 40% and 50% off coupons. I buy them wholesale too whenever I could :-) It's all depend on their availability and I need to be resourceful. Thanks for your visit and hope to see you again!