Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Card for Sweet Girl -- Part 1

This week big project is to make 45 of these sweet cards for a client based in Europe (I love international buyer!).

Papers and cardstocks will used are from my favorites brands: Making Memories, K&C, and Bazzill.

You know how I love felts!

And of course, buttons! They just add cuteness to everything. :-)

These are just raw materials right now and I'll be soon do the cutting, stitching (machine and hand stitching), punching, embossing, gluing, etc. I'll be sure take more pictures as I'm working on them.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Those are so cute! And look very time consuming. That's a lot of detail on that little card!!!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Come to think of it, yes there are a lot of details involved, aren't they? I really like to add subtle details and now when I'm making a bulk of them, I just realized that. haha. I hope my client is happy with the result.