Thursday, March 4, 2010

The New Place

The moving, the cleaning and the unpacking were done (for now).

I had started my day job as of Monday. Little Ethan adjusted quite well, so was I. But deep down, eventhough we don't have that conversation just yet, I know that he misses me during the day, and so do I. We may look tough, but inside I know that we wish if we could spend our days together. Oh how I love to hear the word 'mama' coming out from his mouth. Certainly I hear that less now and I miss that. He's been calling mama during sleep for the last couple of nights. I'm sure he misses me too.

Both Ethan and I were tired at the end of the day (not to mention DH who drives 3 hours each day, poor him) and we spend last of our waking hours as much as we could together. We hardly see Mr. sunshine together as we used to since we had to say goodbye early in the morning and say 'hi' late afternoon.

As I was uploading pictures from the camera, I watched short films of Ethan that I took while I was a SAHM. They are just simply random films capturing him dancing, biking, eating, playing with my Big Shots machine, and so on. I treasure those films and I'm so glad I took them. I couldn't get those moments back no matter how much I wish I could turn the time back. I know that I will miss these kind of moments for the next 9 months, ... in fact actually I already am. If you're mom, I think you can relate to me. I know that the first couple of weeks are the hardest and it will ease up as time goes by . . . and I hope that's the case for me and for Ethan.

Enough ramblings here, I'll share with you some beautiful views from our new place.

Beautiful views: mountains and lush green.

Not too busy either eventhough we're right in the city center.

View that I can enjoy while crafting on the weekends or on statutory holidays. Yupe, I don't think I can take vacation.

And my little corner.

I hope I can enjoy this new setting on this upcoming weekend. I heard that the weather is going to be really nice and I'm looking forward to it.


  1. hi. what made you take the plunge back to work? hehe. i'm struggling w the idea of going back to work part-time - happening soon...would much rather stay home w my lil girl. are you working for just 9 months?
    hope to still see you make ur cards :) they're lovely

  2. Hi Gwen, at the end of the day is the $ that made me decide to go back to work :-) Plus is a contract work so I know that there is an end to it. hahaha. Going back to work as part time is ideal, more income coming in and at the same time you could spend time with your girl. How old is she btw? Do let me know if you're back to work or not.