Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be in His Shoes

A moment in an elevator, the three of us (DH, Ethan and I), as we were in the elevator heading up to our apartment suite or down to the underground parking, is never a dull moment.

One day, as I got my knee down giving Ethan a hug in the elevator, he pointed to the arrow signs located at the top corner of the elevator doors and said 'ayow'. I looked up to see where he was pointing at and I realized, being small and short and having to look up at most times are not fun. I looked at my DH for example and I realized that this is how he has been seeing his dad standing tall.

I can imagine this is hard on him trying to make conversation to us, or any other adults. It just feels that there is a big distance between us. Mind you, I'm not that tall, but still...

That day I learned that I need to get into his level when I'm having conversation with him, to narrow that gap of a distance. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of little things we can do for our little one who is growing up too fast.

What did you learn from your little one?

1 comment:

  1. That is so true and such a great idea. It must be so hard for kids to connect with us grown ups when they are constantly looking up at everything.
    Thanks for sharing!