Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Artisan: Angela Kay Designs

Meet this week Saturday Artisan, Angela of Angela Kay Designs.

You know that I'm all about cuteness and this store is all about it!

Once you're at her shop, it's hard not to say 'awww' everytime you make a click.

In her own words,

I was inspired to own my first sewing machine after the birth of my daughter... Little Miss Ava. After teaching myself to sew and countless hours I put into my obession with beautiful fabric, I decided to open my business and share my obession with others who love beautiful fabrics.

I offer unique aprons for women and children, as well as a multipurpose clutch to be used by all women.

My favorite item in the store is my clutch. I love that it is an accessory that can be used by any woman to dress up their wardrobe... nothing like a pretty clutch to add a little fun to an outfit. I designed it with mommies in mind because I really disliked carrying the typical boring diaper/wipes bags. This is the perfect trendy item to carry diapers/wipes. Mommies stop me whenever I pull it out:)

My favorite tool has to be my sewing machine! Because I had to teach myself to sew, it has been the best machine for the sewing novice.

My bestseller is the Alexander Henry Apples and Pear apron. It is a darling print that brings color and fun to the baking experience.

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to Angela Kay Designs and I'll be sure you'll find something for the cute girls (and boys) you have. And what the heck, YOU deserves to get a beautiful pouch, a trendy accessories that is a must have.


  1. I would love to own one of those adorable aprons for my own daughter and grandaughter! Amazing that you are self taught! I will definately have you in my favorites for Christmas shopping!

  2. I love that you designed the clutch with mommies in mind! Mommies always like to feel trendy! What a great idea :)

  3. I love all the little aprons, I taught myself how to sew as well and appreciate someone who can make such beautiful things.

    I would love to see an apron for us big girls, like the ones you made for the little girls :)

  4. I love your aprons as well as the clutch bags. I would love to see matching coin purses as well!

  5. You're story is really inspiring! ^^ I plan to save up for my first sewing machine too and learn to sew someday. c: I love your large clutches and aprons, and enjoy your choice of fabrics.

  6. I completely understand why the clutch is your favorite item--it has such a professional look to it. I can tell you have mastered the sewing machine well. :)

  7. I also would love to see more mom/daughter apron sets! BTW, the fabrics you choose are just charming!

  8. I really admire that you're a self-taught seamstress! I really want to find the time to improve my own sewing skills, and I think you've just motivated me!

    And I just love that you make mommy-and-daughter aprons! -- You should do matching mommy-and-daughter clutches, too!

    I just LOVE your shop. Hope I win the giveaway! ;)


  9. Apparently {we} don't follow directions.....anyway, I {Amy} have to agree w/ Angela, my favorite tool has to be my sewing machine!!! There are sooo many beautiful items (personally I like clothing for my girls) that can be created w/ a sewing machine. Angela is definitely and inspiration for creative minds!!!

    Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win:-)

    Amy & Lori


  10. My daughters both love to cook in the kitchen with mom. How about a cute little chefs hat to go with your aprons. I love them and the clutches are great!