Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spotted Tuesday: Country Side

Summer is here. Are you planning for a little trip this summer?

I will be right here, not going anywhere as my day job is a seasonal job which required me to work during the summer. That's okay. Statutory holidays and weekends are plenty days off for me.

But if I can take a little trip, I'd love to go to a country side.
Enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the homemade goodies, and simply far away from computer.

Enjoy these handmade finds on Etsy:

1st row from the left:

English Rose Record Cabinet by PeggithasPieces

2nd row from the left:

queen of the woods by whichgoose

Flower Hair Pins . Sunshine by Paper and Ribbons

Lemon Nougat by calabasascandyco

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