Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Etsy-Versary SALE

I could not believe that it has been 4 years being on Etsy. It has been Wonderful!
I made sales, yes! 811 sales so far. Received 731 feedbacks! Thank you so much to all my customers who made this happened. Thank you for your continuing support. Just the other day, I chatted with my 1st buyer on twitter. She even wrote a review on my shop, one of the first reviews I honorly received.

But what I love the most as being part of Etsy community is the friendship that I found over the years. I've meet many friends through Etsy. An extraordinary gal, owner of LeasLetters convoed me out of the blue, welcoming me to the world of Etsy and since then we we've been friends. First friend on Etsy that I'll never forget :-)

As is in a real life, not everything is all-okay. Though there were a couple of occassions where I had bitter experiences ( I hate hurtful accusations!), I will not let that stain my appreciation and love to this Etsy community.

So, enough rambling here.

SALE. Big Sale!
From November 4 to 7, everything in my adorebynat shop is on sale. top that up. Every purchase that you make, you are eligible to be entered in BIG GIVEAWAY that Etsy Greetings team currently has. For the month of NOVEMBER, purchase from my shop or from my teammates in EtsyGreetings and have a chance to win 20+ handmade greeting cards. One entry is for one item, the more you buy, the better chance you have. ASK ME for details or visit the EtsyGreetings blog. Unfortunately only those individuals in the United States can enter the giveaway. Sorry guys, you know how I love international giveaways and this time, I wasn't the one that made the rule. But you still can purchase anything in my shop in discounted price for the next 3 days :-)

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